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Carbon footprint
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Developing a low-carbon world
The CO2 (carbon dioxide) is an inevitable consequence of the today’s lifestyle. Emissions of carbon dioxide caused by burning fossil fuels in particular for:
  • electricity
  • mobility and Transport
  • eating of homes
  • industry
Consequence of human activity are the gases released into the atmosphere forming an insulating barrier around the planet by preventing the loss of heat by our atmosphere, causing it to overheat.
Human activities affect the global climate so it's important to find ways to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases.

You can make a difference
Alternative fuels such as LPG and CNG are the real alternative and opportunity in this regard.
The big advantage is that they are less polluting and / or greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel.
The emissions of LPG and CNG are lower due to lower presence of their reduced to two low carbon content and high octane level.
Compared to gasoline, the cars running on natural gas or LPG, provide respectively a reduction of CO2 emissions by about 25% and 20%.
The use of alternative fuels is making our planet less dependent on oil as a primary source of vehicle power and last but not least are less expensive than gasoline.

Acting Responsibly
We have always been very committed to doing business responsibly and conducting ourselves in order to gain the confidence and respect of our customers to reduce our environmental impact and climate change. This means focusing on the core areas areas where we are involving and we have the biggest influence - ethical sourcing of raw materials, transportation and the assembly of the various system components up to the management of waste at the end of product life always protecting and respecting the surrounding environment.

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