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Autogas Italia Srl is situated in Modena. Thanks to his several partnership it has a long experience to produce LPG and CNG automotive systems.
The synergies of the group allow Autogas Italia Srl to be present in various international markets, different for needs and applications, where gas is a valid alternative fuel.

Autogas Italia Srl range of products rises from on-going research granting a complete customer satisfaction. The company follows the up-to-dated technical development in according to the R 110, R 67-01 and ISO 15500 international regulations, and to the latest european antipollution norms EURO 5 - EURO 6.
Product quality has always been a point of departure rather than an objective, and is guaranteed by a strict control system where each component is monitored in all stages of life. The company's quality certification ISO 9001/2008 is its natural consequence and recognition.

In this age where the issues related to mobility and the environment have become paramount, the search for environmentally friendly solutions becomes more and more crucial. Autogas Italia Srl offers environmentally friendly solutions at the forefront of environmental friendliness, with the huge advantage of low operating costs.

AUTOGAS ITALIA s.r.l. Via Raimondo Dalla Costa, 2 - 41122 Modena (Italy) Phone: +39.059.250174 - Fax: +39.059.253571