Frequently Asked Questions

How an LPG equipment works?

LPG can be used in any gasoline or diesel engine. LPG makes ideal fuels for combustion engines due to their high octane rating, low levels of volatile organic compounds and the fact that they can readily mix with air prior to combustion. These characteristics result in a more complete combustion, which helps to reduced exhaust emissions. The gas' clean burning characteristics also reduce engine stress, therefore extending engine life. Studies, over LPG usage, conducted for manyyears,they have shown that LPG does not shorten the engine life; on the contrary, it isestablished that engines running on LPG last longer. It is caused by chemical components of this fuel, which is seen during combustion (less pollution). LPG does not lower oil density; onthe contrary, it increases its viscosity, which reduces wear of the engine (pistons, rings,cylinder head's walls, etc.) Generally, LPG burns more completely and does not cause carbondeposit.