Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to install an LPG system on diesel vehicle?

Yes the system can be installed on all diesel engines, including generators. DDF (Diesel Dual Fuel) system can be fitted on cars, vans, pick-ups, buses, trucks and tractors. The mix/blend (Diesel with Gas) depends on the type of the engine, power and the engine's condition/age. Generally, 25% to 40% of diesel is substituted by the respective used gas in according to the applied conversion. This substitution results in substantial cost savings to the user with a more efficient engine. The DDF, when it burns in the chamber, not only lessens NOX, CO and CO2, it drastically reduces the carbon particulates (unburnt diesel smoke with suspended carbon particles) in the exhaust emissions thereby making it an ideal, eco-friendly choice for diesel-fuelled engines. Additionally, the DDF increases engine torque and power, prolongs engine life and leads to smoother running of the engine, reduced crankcase deposits and lesser oil changes