Frequently Asked Questions

Are the autgas CNG equipment safe?

The use of CNG offers ample guarantees of safety, in many respects greater than traditional fuels. CNG has a lower density than air, so if it escapes into the environment, it tends to disperse upwards without forming dangerous concentrations or accumulations on the ground. To test the safety of CNG systems, dozens of crashes and fire tests have been carried out to verify, with the most sophisticated equipment, the efficiency and safety level of systems and tanks. CNG has the highest flash point of all other fuels. Its auto-ignition temperature is, in fact, double (650° C) compared to liquid fuels, and the concentration of fuel in the air for combustion to occur (5%) is much higher than petrol (1%) and diesel (0.5%). These are factors that contribute to significantly lowering the risk of an accident with fire development. Finally, CNG is not dangerous to health, even in high concentrations, as it is not poisonous.