Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to install a CNG system on diesel vehicles?

Yes, installation is possible for vehicles with a diesel engine. The system can be installed on all diesel engines, including generators. The DDF (Diesel Dual Fuel) system can be fitted to cars, vans, pick-ups, buses, trucks and tractors. The DDF (Diesel Dual Fuel) mixture varies according to various parameters: the type and configuration of the engine, its power output and, of course, the age of the engine. Generally, between 50% and 50% of the diesel can be replaced by CNG. With efficient, new-generation engines, this leads to considerable cost savings for the user. This conversion not only reduces running costs but also lowers NOX, CO and CO2 emissions, drastically reducing unburnt carbon particles in the exhaust, making it an ideal 'eco-friendly' choice. Finally, DDF increases engine power and torque, prolonging engine life and enabling smoother engine operation by reducing deposits of impurities in the crankcase and consequent oil changes.