Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the advantages of CNG in comparison to others fuels?

First of all, we can say that the least expensive energy is methane, while the most expensive energy is petrol. The efficiency of the various types of fuel is as follows: - "Otto cycle" engines (spark ignition) have about 20% lower efficiency (also due to the presence of the throttle, which gives rise to significant leakage losses). - Between methane, LPG and petrol, which are used in Otto cycle engines, methane has a few more efficiency points thanks to its higher anti-knock power. Methane has an octane rating of 130 and has a slight efficiency advantage over petrol. - Natural gas is economical. - Methane is the cleanest operating fuel system burning today. This means less vehicle maintenance and longer engine life. - CNG vehicles produce the fewest emissions of any fuel. - Methane produces much less pollution than petrol. - Petrol-engined vehicles release carbon dioxide into the air through combustion, which contributes to global warming. This is greatly reduced with methane.