Autogas Italia celebrates 20 years

The Autogas Italia Predident , Dr. Valter Madreperla, and his team celebrate 20 years of activity in the automotive sector. Many things have changed at Autogas Italia since 2000: the team has grown, the company has established itself not only on a local level but also internationally.
Over the years, the production of systems to convert petrol or diesel engines to LPG and CNG  has found applications in various sectors, from motor vehicles to the nautical sector and stationary engines for the production of fuel and stationary engines for power generation.
The widespread increase in demand for petrol or diesel engine conversions to LPG and CNG indicates a trend, which is gradually emerging at a global level, of a more mature awareness of environmental sustainability and the economic savings that these systems allow compared to other more polluting systems (petrol and diesel).
In 2016 Autogas Italia became part of the Holdim group, a solid automotive company that has been offering electronic solutions for the control and optimisation of performance and consumption for over 25 years. In order to expand its field of operations, Autogas Italia has recently acquired the “Nuova Selva” company,  for over 30 years specialized in the production and marketing of accessories of a wide range of components for the installation and maintenance of automotive gas systems.
The company philosophy aimed at research and development of new products and systems is inspired by the famous phrase "YES WE CAN", which leads to never having limits in innovation. This is why Autogas Italia constantly invests in Research and Development to create new products aimed at improving performance to ensure low environmental impact, low consumption and high performance driving.