CNG indirect sequential systems

Available for vehicles from 3 to 10 cylinders (including turbo engines), it meets the management needs of the latest generation engines by meeting the emission standards (Euro 6).

The version, with OBDII connectivity, offers complete and accurate diagnostics of the gas system.

Available versions

  • MP 32 (4 - not OBD)
  • MP 48 (4 - not OBD)
  • MP 48 (4 - OBD)
  • MP6C (5/6 - OBD)
  • 2568 D (6/8 OBD)
  • 2010 (10 not OBD)



CNG reducer for sequential injection system.

CNG pressure reducer for sequential injection systems with inlet integrated high pressure solenoid valve. The CNG reducer adjustable outlet pressure allows to always get the best performance.


Vento by A.E.B.

The series of electronic control units Vento, by AEB, are designed for LPG or CNG applications on multipoint engines from 3 to 10 cylinders.

During gas operation, based on the petrol injection time, the gas pressure and temperature, the control unit calculates the amount of equivalent gas that must be injected in the gas phase into the intake duct to have the same engine performance as would have petrol.

The OBD versions, thanks to the communication with the OBD protocol from the original petrol control unit, adapt the system so as to compensate for drifts and aging of the gas components.

All units are equipped with a diagnostic system for all gas components, to avoid any malfunction problems and facilitate any technical interventions

Autogas Italia injectors

The injectors have the task of dosing the correct amount of gas (LPG or CNG) to be injected into the vehicle's intake manifold

CNG pressure gauge manometer

It transforms the tank pressure into an electrical signal compatible with a switch provided with a level indicator


Disposable filter for LPG and CNG gas phase