DDF electronic injection systems

The D-GID Light control unit is designed for the conversion of 12V Diesel engines and guarantees high performance using a clean fuel such as: CNG (Methane), LNG, LPG, Biomethane, Hydromethane, etc.

The platform is dedicated to Light Duty vehicles such as commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles and cars.

Thanks to its characteristics, it allows to significantly increase the autonomy of the vehicle by generating a double benefit: economic for the end user and ecological for the environment, thanks to the important reduction in diesel consumption and consequently of polluting emissions.

The D-GID Light technology also allows you to communicate via Can-Bus directly with the vehicle's engine control unit by simplifying the installation of the DDF system.

D-GID Light uses a newly developed 48 PIN automotive connector, with a high degree of protection against water infiltration.

Technical characteristics

HomologationECE 67R-01 / ECE R110 / ECE 10R-03
Supply Voltage10 - 17 V-DC
Working temperature-40 / + 120 °C
Inputs lock-off services4
Water/gas temp. sensors managed4,7 - 10 kOhm
LPG/CNG level sensors managed0..5 V