Gas leak detector

Electronic Devices

Thanks to the flexible 41 cm long probe, the electronic gas detector allows an easy access to hard-toreach places. The detector has an acousto-optical signal of leaks detection and a sensitivity knob allowing point detection of smallest leaks. The detector is powered by three 1.5V batteries R14 type C (included in a kit).

Available versions

  • GD-3300

Technical characteristics

Sensor typeLow power semiconductor
Sensitivity50 ppm methane
Warm Up Time Approx. 60 seconds
Response timeLess than 2sec. (up to 40% LEL)
Sampling methodContinuous
Flexible probe length 420 mm
Power supply4.5 V DC (three 1.5 V R14 type C alkaline batteries)
AlarmOptical and acoustic signal– with increasing frequency– as the gas concentration increases.– Tripped from 10% LEL for methane.– Can be calibrated for other gas concentrations
Storage temperature-10 ÷ 55 [°C]
Humidity10 ÷ 90 [Rh] without condensation
Dimensions220 x 90 x 45 mm
Weight 0,75 Kg
StructureSensor housing: Flexible 42 cm probe – Alarm LED : red – Power LED : green - – Power on/off switch (ON/OFF)
– Headphone: jack
– Sensitivity: knob
– Probe: holder
- Handle
– Battery compartment.