Timing adcance processor and accessories

Electronic Devices

The timing advance processor adjusts the advance when the engine is running on gas and resets the original advance when the engine operates with gasoline. The timing advance processor improves performances and consumption. We suggest to always use this device on CNG vehicle.

Available versions

  • 510N
  • 511N
  • 515N
  • 516N
  • 518N
  • 549N
  • PANDA 3H
  • 510N and 516N dedicated wires for PMS sensor
  • AEB410A
  • AEB410B
  • AEB410C
  • AEB410D
  • AEB410E
  • AEB410F
  • AEB410G
  • AEB410H
  • AEB410I
  • AEB410L
  • AEB410M