"Indirect" CNG sequential injection system

Available for vehicles from 3 to 8 cylinders (including turbo engines), it meets the management needs of the latest generation engines by meeting the emission standards (Euro 6).

The version, with OBDII connectivity, offers complete and accurate diagnostics of the gas system.

Available versions

  • Rabbit 32 (3-4 cylinders)
  • Rabbit 48 OBD (3-4 cylinders)
  • AJ400 OBD (5-6 cylinders)
  • AJ400 OBD (8 cylinders)


RPG 09

LPG reducer for sequential injection system.

The RPG 09 reducer is characterized by technical innovations that guarantee excellent performance, reliability and easy installation. It is compensated by the pressure generated in the intake manifold.

No operating pressure adjustment is required and it is equipped with a replaceable filter.


The rabbit series's electronic control units perfectly fulfil with the Euro 5 and Euro 6 original vehicles electronic contril unit of the latest generation. The 48 Pin version together with the 6 and 8-cylinder versions allow to connect to the OBDII (Line-CAN) of the vehicle. Thanks to the calibration software you can manage all the various driving conditions ensuring high performance in terms of quality and reliability. It can control additional electronic components.

Autogas Italia injectors

The injectors have the task of dosing the correct amount of gas (LPG or CNG) to be injected into the vehicle's intake manifold

CNG pressure gauge manometer

It transforms the tank pressure into an electrical signal compatible with a switch provided with a level indicator


Disposable filter for LPG and CNG gas phase