EL 01

Indirect sequential injection systems electronic kits

EL01, electronic control unit for LPG/CNG sequential indirect injection systems, is conceived, designed and manufactured by Autogas Italia for 2, 3 and 4 cylinder vehicles.

EL01 is fitted with a 32-pole automotive connector, for both standard and OBD versions, placing itself at the forefront and first on the market offering the integrated OBD option  maintaining the 32-pole connector. This all to the advantage of the simplicity of installation.
The OBD (On Board Diagnostic) version connects with the vehicle's original electronic control unit by exchanging information, in real time, and actively and instantly acting on the gas system thus optimizing the carburetion and efficiency of the engine.
The innovative assembly and closing system (without screws) of the electronic board offers guarantees of perfect connectivity and absolute protection against water infiltration.

Available versions

  • EL 01 (2-3-4 cylinders)
  • EL 01 OBD (2-3-4 cylinders)

Technical characteristics

HomologationECE 67R-01 / ECE R110 / ECE 10R-03
Supply Voltage10 - 16 Volts CC
Working temperature-20 / + 120 °C
Current absorbed stand-by (key off)< 20 mA
Current absorbed no loads (key on)< 160 mA
Lock-off load on single input2 (Imax = 4A)
Inputs lock-off services2
Water/gas temp. sensors managed4,7 - 10 kOhm
LPG/CNG level sensors managed0..5 V
110..0 Ohm
Managed Lambda Sensor0-0,8