AT10 Electronic/Vacuum

LPG Reducer and accessories

Electronic reducer for motobike and 3-wheelers vehicles

LPG reducer model AT10 is a 2 stages electronic reducer, suitably developed for applications on motorbikes and small vehicles, with LPG withdrawal in vapour phase (this reducer is not provided with heating circuit).

This reducer is designed exclusively for two-wheeler and small three-wheelers applications. Upon request, it is available also the version with pressure switch (no solenoid).

Available versions

  • ⇒15 KW

Technical characteristics

HomologationECE R67-01 / ECE 10R03
Max Inlet Pressure3 Mpa (30 bar)
Power supply12V DC
Gas inletØ 6 mm M10x1
Gas outletFitting Ø 8 mm