Response Booster

Not only autogas

An electronic module designed for use on the accelerator pedal which can be installed both on traditional petrol and diesel vehicles and on bi-fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles.


Response Booster incorporates four driving modes with seven adjustment steps each in a single ergonomic device (LIMIT-CITY-SPORT-RACE).

LIMIT mode includes Eco and Valet settings.

Limit Eco: it makes the engine delivery smoother to offer more efficient driving both in terms of reducing fuel consumption and driving in adverse weather conditions.

Limit Valet: it reduces the functionality of the pedal in four steps, passing from the decrease in performance to the total cancellation of the pedal action.

CITY: it maintains the response of the vehicle during driving in traffic conditions, offering greater responsiveness when more power is required.

SPORT: the accelerator response speed is enhanced along the entire pedal stroke, obtaining a more aggressive engine response for the same pressure. Ideal for vehicles that lack inspiration at low speeds or to increase driving pleasure.

RACE: it offers maximum responsiveness to the throttle controls. The delivery curve is anticipated in order to obtain an immediate response of the vehicle with a reduced pressure of the pedal.