Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of the CNG on the environment?

Methane is definitely more eco-friendly fuel among those commonly in use. A clean fuel but above all a ready and reliable, that is, unlike gasoline and diesel is not attained through complicated and expensive refining processes, which will inevitably be passed on to the sales price to the public, but from the beginning is ready to be used as an ecological fuel. In methane are almost totally absent impurities, such as sulfur compounds, and are absent poisonous compounds such as lead and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and its combustion does not cause significant formation of odor or particulate matter. With appropriate technology and calibrations, the motors get very low emission levels. Detectable exhaust hydrocarbons are composed almost entirely of methane, non-toxic and already excluded in the calculation of emissions from existing U.S. law and EU legislation on heavy vehicles. The favorable ratio hydrogen / carbon of methane results in a production of CO2 considerably lower compared to other fuels. In particular, the reduction is about 20% in comparison with gasoline.