LPG Reducers and accessories

LPG reducer for sequential injection system.

The LPG reducer RI 21 Double is suitable for any type of car with a power between 140 Kw and 280 Kw (187.7 and 375.5 HP).

It is designed to achieve the best possible vaporization in any environmental conditions.Double reducer with single-stage membrane for high-performance sequential systems. 

Aluminium body.Vibration damper (SILENT-BLOCK ).The engine water circuit is between the two reducer bodies.

Technical characteristics

Maximum engine power180 Kw / 240 Hp
Max Working Pressure1.2 Bar ± 0,3 Bar
Inlet pressure30 bar
Max gas flow rate52 m³/h
Working temperature-20 °C / +120 °C
Gas inletM 10x1
High pressure gas outletØ est. 10 mm
Water circuitRubber hose connection Ø 10 (2)
Weight2,3 Kg
Dimensions153 x 120 x 165 mm
HomologationECE R67-01

LPG Reducers and accessories

LPG solenoid valves


The LPG solenoid valve EGM-04 is for the upstream fitting when used a reducer without the built-in solenoid valve.

The task of the EGM-04 solenoid valve is to stop the LPG flow when the engine is switched off or switched to petrol. The solenoid valve body is made of brass and contains a filter to prevent the dirt coming from the tank.