Our Passion comes true in the development of technological systems against pollution and environmental changes by improving the quality of life in a constant commitment to spreading alternative and ecological mobility.

The installation of an LPG system allows you to significantly save on refueling costs, moreover it is a source of clean energy, as it does not contain fine dust, in fact, it reduces CO2 emissions, one of the main causes of atmospheric pollution.

Autogas Italia systems can be installed on all types of vehicles for all the essence of their own and exclusive technological innovation.

The compactness and versatility of the pressure reducer, unique of its kind, with built-in filter for effective protection against gas impurities,

The 32-pin OBD (OnBoardDiagnostic) gas electronic control unit designed and developed on the basis of consolidated experience in the "automotive" field, able to make the system efficient and reliable in all driving conditions.

The injectors developed and realized to meet the management needs of the latest engine generation with easily and quick maintenance  

Please contact a specialized Autogas Italia workshop center to check the most suitable system for your car.


RPG 09

LPG reducer for sequential injection system.

The RPG 09 reducer is characterized by technical innovations that guarantee excellent performance, reliability and easy installation. It is compensated by the pressure generated in the intake manifold.

No operating pressure adjustment is required and it is equipped with a replaceable filter.

EL 01

EL01, electronic control unit for LPG/CNG sequential indirect injection systems, is conceived, designed and manufactured by Autogas Italia for 2, 3 and 4 cylinder vehicles.

EL01 is fitted with a 32-pole automotive connector, for both standard and OBD versions, placing itself at the forefront and first on the market offering the integrated OBD option  maintaining the 32-pole connector. This all to the advantage of the simplicity of installation.
The OBD (On Board Diagnostic) version connects with the vehicle's original electronic control unit by exchanging information, in real time, and actively and instantly acting on the gas system thus optimizing the carburetion and efficiency of the engine.
The innovative assembly and closing system (without screws) of the electronic board offers guarantees of perfect connectivity and absolute protection against water infiltration.

Autogas Italia injectors

The injectors have the task of dosing the correct amount of gas (LPG or CNG) to be injected into the vehicle's intake manifold


Disposable filter for LPG and CNG gas phase