Autogas Italia's Diesel Dual Fuel system is an innovative fuelling device. It enables diesel engines to replace a considerable proportion of diesel fuel with cleaner, more economical CNG.

Advanced electronics combine the two fuels to create an optimal mix of diesel and alternative fuel. The D-GID electronic unit calculates the amount of diesel that can be replaced in real time and the resulting amount of gas to be injected, so as to guarantee the same power and torque as originally delivered. This reduces fuel consumption and operating costs without affecting engine life and performance At any time, either diesel or a diesel/gas mixture can be used (full reversibility principle).

This technology allows conversion without any irreversible change to the engine; the use of a minimum amount of diesel is necessary to ensure original performance, driveability and durability.


Economic savings
Autogas Italia's unique Diesel Dual Fuel conversion technology enables diesel engines to reduce running costs. The conversion system mixes diesel and gas, favouring the use of gas.

Lower pollutant emissions
Thanks to the privileged use of gas, we obtain a net reduction in pollutants and greater respect for the environment.

Performance and Reliability
Conversion to DDF does not compromise vehicle performance: thanks to the electronic control unit, the heart of the system, strategies are implemented to maintain the vehicle's power and torque unchanged and ensure maximum drivability in all conditions of use.

Light & Medium
The systems adapt to all light and medium commercial vehicles, increasing their range!

Easy to install
Installation must be carried out by specialised technicians: each vehicle requires a specific configuration. For this reason, it is advisable to check the feasibility with Autogas Italia technicians before installation.



CNG reducer for sequential injection system.

CNG pressure reducer for sequential injection systems with inlet integrated high pressure solenoid valve. The CNG reducer adjustable outlet pressure allows to always get the best performance.



The D-GID Light control unit is designed for the conversion of 12V Diesel engines and guarantees high performance using a clean fuel such as: CNG (Methane), LNG, LPG, Biomethane, Hydromethane, etc.

The platform is dedicated to Light Duty vehicles such as commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles and cars.

Thanks to its characteristics, it allows to significantly increase the autonomy of the vehicle by generating a double benefit: economic for the end user and ecological for the environment, thanks to the important reduction in diesel consumption and consequently of polluting emissions.

The D-GID Light technology also allows you to communicate via Can-Bus directly with the vehicle's engine control unit by simplifying the installation of the DDF system.

D-GID Light uses a newly developed 48 PIN automotive connector, with a high degree of protection against water infiltration.

IG2 Metis II/Namour injectors

The injectors have the task of dosing the correct amount of gas (LPG or CNG) to be injected into the vehicle's intake manifold

CNG pressure gauge manometer

It transforms the tank pressure into an electrical signal compatible with a switch provided with a level indicator


Disposable filter for LPG and CNG gas phase