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News from Dimsport: milestones and new scenarios of a rising automotive company

“Sustainability” is the key word for the next initiatives of the Holdim Group

At the press conference held by the Holdim group on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Dimsport, an important company of the group, were announced important news related to the future activities of the company but also of the Group, whose leitmotif will be sustainability.

Dimsport, 30 years of great milestones

Dimsport, since 1991 an international leader in electronic tuning for automotive, has become in the last 30 years a point of reference for workshops around the world both in terms of reliability and versatility of its platform: the company ranges from the recalibration tools of the first equipment unit to additional modules and power test benches for simulation road vehicles.

Dimsport offers a 360° service for all those who work in the tuning automotive field and the president of the Holdim Group, Alessandro Chellini, is aware and proud of this: “The increase in performance, the customization of driving style, optimization also with a view to reducing consumption. We are among the companies that have seen the birth of the application of electronics in endothermic engines. What allowed us to ‘get the job done’ are passion, commitment, stubbornness, speed of reaction and a hint of healthy madness.”

A bright future full of new projects

The many achievements do not stop Dimsport, who for years to come has great ideas such as the creation of an emissions test bench and an engine room, a new laboratory open to companies. who want to homologate their products.

Another important activity in the program is the redevelopment of the Morano Po racetrack area in order to revitalize a resource of the surrounding area through targeted projects such as the realization of a training center, accommodation and tourist facilities, a proposal for activities complementary to the testing laboratory.

Highest Partnerships

Among the great news at Holdim is the partnership with Snam4Mobility, a subsidiary of Snam with the mission of promoting sustainable mobility to natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen. Within this collaboration, Ecomotive Solutions and Autogas Italia play a fundamental role, both part of the Holdim Group, who rely on competitiveness and environmental sustainability CNG and Bio-CNG to promote decarbonization of transport. “We are committed to investing in strengthening the natural gas and biomethane distribution network and to foster the adoption of these alternative fuels as an efficient option for both private and private vehicles. commercial and fleet” said Andrea Ricci, Senior Vice President Filling Stations of Snam4Mobility.

The biomethane runs on the track

This is not the first time that a car with a biomethane system has been successfully attempting in a car race (see Green Hill Climb 2021 news) but for next year expectations will be high, at the TCR 2022 championship, with an Audi RS3 LMS converted to biomethane, demonstrating that methane and biomethane are not backfeed, but rather fuels with which you can ride with pleasure on the road but also compete on the track.

At motorsport school

Another important Dimsport Odg was the proposal to create a real school to train drivers and other motorsport professionalism, thus bringing the engines back to the center of the territory and offering the younger generation a chance to invest in their future. A stimulating and rewarding challenge at the same time for the whole community.

Biomethane, even more plants

To underline the commitment to biomethane, 100% renewable energy, the Holdim Group concluded the press conference with another very important project linked to another company in the Group, the 2LNG, company specialized in the production of methane liquefactors, which in the next year is planning to install numerous plants for the production of BioGNL in Italy, obtained thanks to material staff coming from agricultural and livestock activities.

A day full of large-scale projects, indicative of a Group consisting of healthy companies with very high innovative potential.